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Miniature Dairy Goat Spotlight: Oberhaslis and Guernseys

Peach Blossom Farm is having a promotion for Oberhasli/Mini-Oberhasli goats!

This doe is being offered for $500.00 with her F1 Mini-Oberhasli buckling at side. Oberhasli and Mini-Oberhasli goats are not as well known as many of the other breeds, but we encourage you to consider them as additions to your homesteads. In our experience, this Swiss breed is calm and quiet, and a pleasure to work with.

They are excellent mothers. Our first-time kidders freshened without trouble, and were very

easy to train to the milk stand. Their milk is fine and sweet.

While they do engage in normal “goat play”, we have not found ours to be bossy with other

goats in the herd. Oberhaslis don’t mind cold, wind, or rain as much as other breeds, and they willingly walk through water. For this reason, the wethers are often used as pack animals.

Oberhaslis are listed as “Recovering” by the The Livestock Conservancy.

We also want to shine a spotlight on our Miniature Guernseys. Meet Toffee, our Mini-Guernsey buckling. He's a handsome little guy, and very sweet. He definitely takes after his dam who has a very mellow personality. Full-sized Guernseys are a very old and rare breed. They are ideally suited to small homesteads, and their milk is known to yield more cheese or yogurt weight per volume than other breeds. We expect these positive traits to be passed on to the Mini-Guernseys, making them a great addition for your small farm. Toffee is sold, but we plan to offer more Mini-Guernseys next year.

We still have a number of goats for sale, both babies and adults, so check out our For Sale page for more information, and contact us if you have any questions.

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