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Welcome to Peach Blossom Farm!

Thanks for visiting our website! Our farm is located in the high desert of southern Idaho, in a unique area that enjoys a mild climate, as well as a close proximity to the Snake River. We have a small herd of goats made up of LaMancha, Guernsey, and Oberhasli does which we breed to our Nigerian Dwarf bucks. We also raise Pilgrim Geese and Bielefelder chickens.

Our goal is to offer family homesteaders small, productive dairy goats to supply all of their dairy needs. Miniature dairy goats can produce two-thirds as much milk as full-sized breeds, while consuming only half as much feed. They are easy to handle, and a pleasure to work with, having the various qualities of the breeding lines from which they have been crossed.

All of our foundation stock comes from reputable, established farms with excellent breeding lines. Our goats are registered in either the ADGA or MDGA. We are members of the MDGA, the ADGA, and the AGS.

Our kidding season is expected to begin in February 2023. We will be posting our breeding schedule and taking reservations in November 2022. We also expect to have chicks and goslings available for purchase sometime in 2023. Like and follow our page for updates on our farm. You can also join our email newsletter via this link.

We frequently have livestock for sale! Please email us at and let us know what you are looking for.

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